Enclosed cases of glass, smooth mirrors

Pristine sheen on outside wall,

Hold the warmth of and early easterly sun,

Blinking flashes fly through time,

Bounce and find a home within,

The dark mercury, inside.


Glorious blues and rainbows,

World full of lit chandeliers,

Adorning halls full of strobe lights

dancing of walls and ceilings,

Leaving little white beads of light

Only interrupted by moving hands,

bodies clasped together.


Hidden embraces, kisses stolen in dark,

Visible only for a second,

Through the falling beads of strobe lights,

Crystal ball to a darker world inside.


Glint from a minuscule speck

Of dust braiding a cobweb

Shining through lost rays of light.

The soul of tattered corners

Books hang heavy upon shelves

Bowed down and cracking

From stories playing out in

Fires of passion and lust

Of betrayal in sheets hanging

From windows covering the shame

Of bordelaise bedrooms.


Philistines stilled, lay coiled inside,

Horns locked, lips joined so long

They have now become one.

Torsos locked in a vice of phalluses

Leeched together to become

A shapeless single of nothingness.


Mind can’t register their being

No real present or unreal future

Can change the philistines’ ascendancy.

No timeless clock or being

Can change the transformation

of mere mortal being Philistines

Turning into gods

And the ravaging of love.

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