A world off its axis

The news, it came in the morning

All over, the world woke to the discovery

We were an amazing 8 off

Happened in a flash

And that was it.


The new normal

Like flying a plane

Off center from the horizon

Like a train tilted off one track

All about to crash and burn

Except it ain’t so, or is it so.


The path, they seem crossed

At inclined perfect angles, only

sloped to cut across each other

When they might have been in

Blissful fit before, destined

To meet each other, from shores

To mountains and beyond.


The bed, my comfort and refuge,

Refused to lay for me,

I had to catch sheets, tie myself down

Roll them around in knots

Waiting to  sleep.


Tired of it all, I awoke

My sheet rope still around me,

Telling me it will do my bidding

In a sloped world, gone to a new

Normal of life in angles of 82 degrees.


The newspaper, lying on the floor

Seemed no longer content

to just lie in a roll

On the floor, waiting for me to open.

It seemed ready, as a half-cocked cannon

About to shoot it’s news worthy

Cringes, utterances, mindless chatter.


Kaleidoscope of Images, noises from feeds,

Voices blaring into headsets from 5 billion

Devices, just fawning endless content,

A device strapped to our heads, unable to

Look away, trapping us with every known

Digital bit discovered that perhaps

Was meant to stay undiscovered.


It’s a world, in a new normal,

Everything is 8 degrees off,

The news, life, liberty, humanity,

Everything slides away

Bits and bytes falling off

Rolls off the edges

A digital waterfall,

Made up in a broken flat earth,

That now houses, humans

Living 8 degrees off,

Crashing each other and doing just that,

Ever and ever.

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