Sunlight bathed window sills,
Dropping celestial particles of light,
Illuminating the curve of your lips,
Framing the smile,
From the remnants of dreams.

Half-opened eyes,
Arching of your back,
Looking out – reaching out,
For one last embrace
Last moments of the night,
Opening out to a new morning.

Smell of ground beans,
Grounded into fine powder
Fine specks rushing out,
Like little invisible clouds,
Shared cup of coffee,
Steam floating out of named cups.

Little droplets of water,
Resting on leaves drooping,
After a night’s dance with unnamed elves.
Rose petals reaching out,
Jostling with each other,
To bathe in the first rays of the rising sun.

Buzzing of little hummingbirds,
Jumping on flower buds,
Resting, then flapping –
in perfect grace,
For the perfect flower,
Draining their nectar.

Reading of the morning news,
Pieces of paper strewn about,
Gentle turning of pages,
Sharing of news snippets,
Carefree brushing or toes painted red,
Little toenails speaking a language of their own.

Listening to music –
Singers forever captured in little back boxes,
Able to see it all –
Magically turn sheets, notes and chords,
Melding without effort with the gentle buzzing sounds,
Of the hummingbird resting on opened flowers.

Moments made eternal,
Things becoming beautiful
Precious little specks of light,
Capturing to memory,
Little specks of life,
Made of nothing –
But the most simple things.

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