Let’s find the space to meet each other halfway –
This time as friends,
Not for bonds that tie us but in spite of them.

Let’s give each other a reason,
To awake with a smile and an extra lightness in our step,
To look forward to the mornings and days ahead of us.

Let’s find a place to laugh –
This time laughter that’s unrestrained,
For we know that the other is laughing too.

Let’s find those words –
That we both speak together,
From the different languages that we speak.

Let’s find it in our hearts to meet and accept –
To truly comprehend,
Each others emotions and passions.

Let’s be good to each other –
For being good will bring happiness
And close chapters of the book that stop us so.

Let’s build the world we have together –
Nurture those around us,
And give them our best.

Let’s just be the people we are –
Not the people we want to be,
And turn the jigsaw into a beautiful picture.

Let’s live not through each other –
To find the moments in time that allow,
For us to live for each other.

Let’s allow life work out as it knows best –
As it always does,
For it will work out for the best we have for us.

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