Originally written on (27th April 1994)

Edited and re-written on 15April 2015

Somewhere in a sleepless night,
Sort of halfway house between ,
Soulless eternity and perfect awakening,
Body aches from pains of day
Seeks refuge in night.

Mind creeps out of consciousness,
Begins it’s daily night’s journey.
Relives daily existence
Packages and blends,
The mundane and exotic.

Mind wanders in a dream supermarket,
Surreal perceptions of packaged reality.
Nameless illusions, all –
Stacked high on endless shelves,
All sold for free.

Courageous heroism, Treacherous villainy,
Abject infidelity, purity of love,
Name it, pick it with the mind’s eye –
Empty reality of each dream,
Is yours to be.

Search – for the best package of dreams,
Awake – take them into reality,
Only – as you find that –
Life is a series of dreams,
Packaged into a different reality.

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