(Poem is meant to capture the ‘living for the moment’ about my older son)

Tongue hanging out,
Like ‘Kiss’ –
Breathing fire on stage
Performing – Riling up crowds.

Carefree, never shackled,
Hands hang loose,
Arms criss-crossed,
Rastafarian caged in a boy.

Mischievously innocent grin,
Spreading wide from lips,
Carried into his eyes,
Living free in the moment.

Sunburnt at the beach,
Lapping over waves,
Hiding in the white endless sand,
Building sandcastles day long,

Hanging out at court,
Lay ups and three pointers,
Buddies on the bench,
High fives and no care.

Rocking the class clown,
Getting social – Instagram, Snapchat
Getting write-ups and trouble in class
All done without restraint.

Slouching, Eyes bloodshot red
Hating learning –
Through sterile bound books
And torn worksheets
That never seem to teach.

Born to ride the surf free –
Catching the perfect wave,
Loving and learning all life –
In a split moment.

Feeling one – Running free as ever,
For now – Someday I will grow up,
Carry burdens – And life’s expectations
On my shoulders.
But now – I ride the free waves,
Love and learn life – As me.

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