Muse or Medusa?

Rose edged glasses,

Thorns hanging from edges,

Blood fire burning essence reality,

Curled up dragons strike,

Terror in fragile hearts,

Long turned to stone.

Walking Venus,

Draped in thin jasmine,

Petals flapping reveal glowing

Bodacious curves and pleasures,

Marbled statues of purity.

Jasmine carpet petals flow,

Magic carpet landing in ground.

Twisting in relentless tornadoes,

Turns catlike, leather draped,

Claws sharpened, oozing blood

Pointed ends satiated in fresh kills.

Painted virtues, God-like,

Gentle dove wing miniatures,

Crested on gold crown,

Angel messenger with wand,

Granting timeless wishes.

Turns, twists and morphs,

Green-horned dragon eyes,

Burning fire in bottomless eyes,

Venom tail in clawed skin,

Wrapping death in remorseless coils.

Angel eyed, deceitful Sméagol,

Slippery, stuck in deep ravines,

Living on edge of netherworld,

Building heaven or hell,

Desiring elusive ring of power or passion.

Muse, Medusa? Angel, Sméagol?

Venus? Leather clawed cat being,

Winged angel, Death dragon,

Coiled together, Intertwined,

Shape shifters in midst,

Relentless feeding on fresh kills,

Living in bottomless wells of eternity.

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