Feet resting carelessly,

Green grass at waters edge,

As rolling carpet under the water,

Resting place for little steps,

Gently breaking the water’s rhythm,

Stream flowing in new directions.

Lazy afternoon,

Brow glows and glistens,

In the afternoon sun,

Warmth flowing through senses,

Heightened nerve ends, aching –

Reaching out, touch off,

Million sensory explosions,

Storing joys of a halted moment.

Fleeting moments together,

Love expressed briefly as

Silence flowing through stilled air,

Rests its lips in the gentle flow,

Kisses, runs away, ends as

Little ripples in running streams.

Eyes only have words that form,

Witness birth of a gentle love,

Expressed singularly by a solitary

Warming tear resting on lashes,

Rolls down, breaking free at ends,

Rests on the grass,

Lives forever, ends at the stream.

Hands move, gently hover

Lightly bend the willing grass,

Caress the painted ends,

Intertwine and bond with fingers,

That awaits their destined touch.

Once joined, they travel together –

Playfully jumping, stepping

Back and forth to rise,

And end their momentary pleasures.

Time hesitates, tries to slow itself,

Relentless ticking clocks fight within,

Tie back the moving clock hands,

Freeze the instants forever,

Merging memories and reality,

Love lives in the flowing after-space,

Ends only in silence of speaking eyes.

Words, penned forever and stored,

Memories held in abeyance,

Warming cold nights, distant futures

Where only memories live,

Breaking only to relive

Joyful moments of silence,

Lived and held together.

Life’s moments, resplendent,

Love expressed by souls,

In silent sharing of blowing bubbles,

Next to a witnessing stream,

Silent passing of a cigarette,

Touching lips and blowing rings,

Singing of songs, swaying rhythms

Surrounding warming night fires.

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