Glass covered universe,

Dusted snowflakes floating

Create little sandstorms with every nudge,

Then settle back –

Having nothing to say.

Little sandstone castle,

Prince’s chariot await,

Dancing ballerina waits

Looks from the corner of her eyes.

Little life giving dial,

Magician’s hands reach out,

Twist, Ratchet springs lightly

Release coils slightly, slowly

Life starts, a moment steps into another

Dancing Ballerina hesitates,

Legs poised midair,

Arms stretched out, finger poised

Face stretched to perfection

Creased smile painted,

Eyes enameled to pointed ends,

Beauty ready for its momentary dance.

Holding the Ballerina’s universe,

Cupped in his palms

Death or life giving embrace.

Magician – Ratchets, winds coils

Pauses, release and waits.

Ballerina shudders – momentarily,

Pirouettes, grace in single circular motion.

Dreams and songs of love,

Practiced to perfection,

Now move together like perfect poetry.

Story captured in a single eyelash

Long dark sensuous threads,

Hold pain of innumerable mysteries,

Hold a single tear,

Held back – the pearl,

Refuses to drop,

Refuses to show its pain.

Ballerina knows – but dances on,

Knows the dance will stop,

Life giving moments to cease,

Knows the magician hands

Holding her glass filled universe

Are mere chalk filled mortal hands,

Hands that will cease,

Never to play again.

Little pirouettes end,

Wound up ballerina slowly goes silent

Freezes as she began,

The tear pearl still stuck

Holds her pain for another eternity,

The ballerina now –

A perfect figure of sandstone

A sandcastle, prince chariot

Little flakes of dust murmur

Rise and fall to the ground

Left alone in a glass universe,

The dancing ballerina,

A perfect beauty in stillness,

Waits for her magician to start again.

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