Darting back and forth,

Mere hint of Mischief visible,

Subtle lowering of eyelashes,

Eyelashes, little fans,

Sensuously covering their nakedness.

Permanence of beauty

Thus truly captured,

A single moment held constant,

As the eyes look heaven wards.


Slow turn of the eyes,

imperceptible at first.

Then never seen – but felt,

As a gentle aching of the heart,

For a lifetime and thereafter.

Single strand of hair,

Floats, tries to covers the eyes,

Flies slowly across,

As a curtain floats gently

Touched by the wind,

A child of it’s whimsical mercies.


Silence, emptiness of loss,

Eerie, cobble stoned streets

Holding the falling light rays,

From bronze, ageless lamp posts,

Illuminating a single dog walker,

Shrouded in the piercing cold,

Eyes move slowly, tired,

Scan aimlessly for lost purpose.


Hollowness –

Numbed by emptiness of a dead pain,

Eyes droop downwards

Heavy and now burdened,

Peer through a fog of memories,

Search for shadows of thoughts,

That were life itself.

Once jumped back and forth,

Darted, Arched upwards,

Revealed pure senses

A sensual purpose,

Now carried away, swathed –

In the heavy fog blanket.


Eyes – gates to our soul,

Gentle sufferers of our fate,

Silent witnesses to our destiny.

Forever hide – play mischief,

Cover tears, emptiness, hollowness,

Speak only to those who hear,

Chose to peer through,

The veil of our inner beings.

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