Chapters of the same book,

Intertwined into different storylines,

Words read infinite times,

Then re-read again into infinity,

Books torn, pages crumpled, edges frayed,

Lost on bookshelves of time.


Two rocks, carved into life,

Opposite each other, seasons pass

No look passes between,

Stand resolute against time.

Moss covered images,

In darkened gardens of Eden,

Beacons in a forked path,

Joined together, by accident,

Leading into different ends.


Image, seen differently

Only by the passage of time

Eye’s behold a vast ocean,

Endless expanse of blue,

Silent in its presence,

Force of its waves touch the mind,

Stills heartbeats at different times.


Two pages in book, never together,

Two stones, stand past each other,

Two images, separated by time,

Shared silence stands between,

Joined into an unknown knowing,

Separated only by the stilling of time.

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