Camera mounted on dashboards
Capturing twists and turns,

Emblems on once shiny metal warriors,

Cruising boulevards, 

Strutting peacocks, now sand caked war machines,

Shattered windshields, the only shield

Window to a relentless landscape,

A world eating itself up from within. 
Kaleidoscopic bits and bytes,

A journal put together,

A story – 

Of twisted mortar, bent steel rods,

Toppled antennas, once the apex of civilization

Torn shreds of satin, nylon and silk,

Adornments of a land or

Perhaps shards left from a beauty

That walked and laughed on jeweled streets. 
Rapid changes in course,

Avoiding collisions is second nature,

Fueling swirling sand dunes,

Avoiding, perhaps a small boulder

Or an gelatinous mix of c4, cordite,

Locked in a stopwatch, 

Device counting its own end,

Ready to record,

Gods of past and god men of today,

Chanting their death dance.
Woman covered in a black robe

Death shroud hiding everything

Remnants of a once flowering soul

Only visible through sandy impressions

Left by the soles of her calloused feet. 

A sand covered black shroud 

Lost in the timeless dunes forming

And vanishing in an instant.
Her image- the only silhouette on a street,

Once a jostling market,

Now an empty burnt structure. 

Her footsteps – the only echo on a street,

Once a musical haven, for singers 

Wishing to listen to their songs,

Echoing of yearning walls and souls,

Now just –

Silent echoes of empty streets,

Silent remnants and holders of empty memories,

Of Gods, god men and men,

Done with their deathly dance. 

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