Broken Wings
(March 25th, 2015)

Wings broken, shattered –
The smell of wax,
Acting as glue for the stitched feathers.
A rich tapestry of colors, threads and patterns;
Joined painstakingly and carefully together.
Now, coming off, feather by feather, the glue made of wax dripping –
First slowly, then faster
As rain made of wax was falling on the ground,
As it was seared mercilessly by the heat,
That the sun is destined to give,
For it has no other purpose.

Oh – how mightily Icarus struggled,
Against the mighty heat of the merciless sun
His dreams put together carefully, ignorantly on the ground –
Now breaking apart,
Feather by feather, as wax rained from the sky to the ground.
Dreams of reaching the unreachable,
He never knew that it was not his purpose to be –
But that was what he dreamt of.
His single love and passion,
Which he never spoke of, but worked silently on.

For Icarus was mute,
Mute to the world around him
– The world, which already knew.
Evaluated dreams, passions and desires differently,
And secretly knew that Icarus would fail.
Icarus now staring – long hard at the sun,
Realized that his passion to reach was not to be.
Slowly, as if all desire and passion was being lost,
Like sweat dripping from his body,
Like tears dripping from his cheeks,
He stopped flapping his wings,
As the tears and sweat also dried up.
Icarus fell –
First, slowly and perhaps floated in air for some time.
And thought to himself –
Broken hearted –
That the passion love and desire that he needed to survive,
Had forever eluded him,
Only he never learned.

Then he started to fall, accelerating faster and faster,
Reaching towards his final mission.
Finally realizing –
That broken wings are no different from broken hearts,
Both crave passion, love and desire –
But are eluded by each.
That was never Icarus’s to begin with –
Only he had fooled himself so.
He finally reached ground,
To the end of his life’s mission –
With broken wings and a broken heart
Complete in the knowledge,
That both can’t survive and were never designed to survive,
For far too long;
Against the merciless sun.

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