(March 24th, 2015)

Cherish the eternal hand of love,
Cherish the moments of abandon,
– The love that you felt; don’t ever let it go.

Cherish the past,
And not be able to regret it…ever.
Cherish the love around you,
Cherish the love from those who love you –
For it is unconditional and without restraint.
For it is for you to take –
And never give up.

Cherish the life that remains in front of us,
For it will bring happiness unbound.
For these moments will pass,
As they are but minuscule specks in the vast sands of time.

Cherish the world that the masterful hand,
– Of destiny has lain in front of you.
Cherish the limited moments we have together,
Given to us by destiny.
– For it may not come again.

Cherish the world that you have built around you,
For it can only exist with the love that you have in you.

Cherish love – for it defines you, makes you
– who you are.
Don’t ever let it go.
Cherish forever –
– Who truly cherishes you, treasures you but never holds you back.

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