Dripping tears, waving goodbye-
Hands waving, scratching against plate glass
Weaving Alexander goodbye from Athens shores
Will he be great – conquer lands
Adorn his kingdoms jewels
Tribes succumbing to his Warcraft and guile.
Virtue of mission, emotions of departure overtaken –
Felt like Alexander, great –
Mine to Conquer lands and build kingdoms,
Leave dripping tears as,
The drying of a quick rain –
Soaked by parched unfulfilled ambitions

My ship, no captain here
Sterile, air pumped through veins of steel
Gasoline coursing through dead metal wings
Suddenly lifted
– into the air and stays there.
Coarse landscape of ordered beings
Lone member waiting
No Alexander’s army here –
Scratching at glass panes
Welcoming their ambitions filled general.

Alexander conquered –
Built cities of ambition,
Coarse ordered landscape was his.
A lone general,
Looked for more
Empty Athens not an option,
He had to fill it –
With gold and gold dust,
Dredged from coarse, ordered distant landscapes.

Once –
Homeward bound,
Carrying gifts from his ambition
Reaches his shores.
Alexander meets the sparkle in his eye,
Equally looking to flee.
Reaches out –
Flirts with destiny,
And tries to hold the sparkle in his eyes forever.

Hold he did –
The sparkle in his eyes,
Commits completely to love.
Changes course –
Looks for new landscape, new tribes
But never lets go,
For his desire is always to conquer.
The sparkle –
Is his alone, never realizes –
That sparkles that strong can blind,
Tears will forever edge from the eyes
The home for his love.

Alexander goes on –
Continuously building castles of ambition.
Oblivious that tears continue to build,
Live in eyes that can’t hold more.
Finally –
The eyes give up and find a new sparkle,
Lighting up it’s eyes from love,
The eyes, home for his love –
Are homeward bound,
Having found a home for it’s love.

Alexander turns back –
With trophies
Of conquered ambitions and landscapes,
To conquer no more,
Frail and old.
Looks for his ’sparkle’
Finds it no more.
The ‘eyes’ flew – finding new sparkles
With wings as it should.

Returns home –
To his rocky Alba,
Small strip of rock,
Forlorn windswept shores
And jagged aimless cliffs.
No Athens –
Full of temples and glory,
With his sparkle with him.

Alexander –
Finds a jagged tree,
Branches bent –
No shade even there
Looks out to sea
Waiting for a boat,
Sign of a sail, a mast with a lookout,
To carry his sparkle back
To bring his army back
Scratching at glass panes again,
Waiting for him to come back
And lead again.

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