Bronze gilded mirrors,
Enameled back of silver and mercury,
Minerals, silica and sand dredged from deep,
Burnt through and forced together,
Reflecting images but holding nothing inside.
Mirrored images, I see –
Look the same outside but different inside.

Two beings –
Mirrored on the outside,
Reflecting similar images,
Through silica and sand that hold nothing inside.
Who seem as one – covet the same,
Love, emotion, desire and pain.
One dances and speaks freely,
From love – Voiced on the inside.
The other speaks muted words,
Of love – Never voiced on the outside.

Two beings –
Who seem as one – destined to collide?
Ending up on lonely islands,
Searching for similar images,
Through sands dredged from deep,
Looking for love,
But finding only themselves inside.

One I love, one holds me inside,
I look into mirrored images.
Bronze gilded mirrors,
That stretch into infinity,
Stood opposite each other.
Which do I chose?
The one that I love or –
That one that holds me inside.
Both are mirrored images,
Both holding me inside.

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