Gentle undulating lifting of curtain,

Gently kissed by slight wind,

Follow of a gentle jazz rhythm ,

Plucking of a bass string,

Morning, night, twilight, continuous.

Slight flow of hydrocarbons,

Running with purpose

Hitting rocks, drinking for million years,

Orchestrated notes from a celestial orchestra.


Morning sun peers through,

Fluffy cotton cloud fields,

Morning snow cones sprinkled,

With multicolored hues of,

Red, white and blue.

Touch and light up ambient fires,

Being help in droplets resting on

Parched rocks, then being washed away.


Red and white curtains move,

Over drunk rocks,

Washed over centuries,

Into shiny pebbles,

Inscribed with countless messages,

Capturing memories of tiptoeing steps,

Carried downstream to different destinations.


Colors of red and white,

Sliding downwards on morning rays,

Now part of the moving curtain,

Of a constant river,

Move rhythmically –

Capture new stories,

New movements and new destinations.


Stories and memories innumerable,

Held in sun filled droplets,

Undulating curtains of a constant river,

Move on and see –

Red colors of passion of love,

Falling of hair on her face,

Ruffled looks – a tight embrace,

Lovers hiding on shores.


Red colors of festivities,

Chanting of priests,

Walking around a small fire,

Making of a life of promises,

Lover’s passion joined in a life together.


Curtains and droplets weaved together,

In natures bond,

Move on and see –

White purity of love,

Conjugated in eternal bonds,

Symbolized by priests,

Holding of hands and gentle kisses.


Curtains and droplets weaved together,

In natures bond,

Move on and see –

White colors adorned from grief,

Mere threads with no adornments,

All gone, just witnessing –

Symbolic burning and last rites,

Gentle touch – a tear,

Symbols of a final parting.


Red and white colors never change,

They are nature’s beings.

Just hold different stories and memories,

Just move on and see differently,

Coursing of a river, Moving on –

Depends upon the destination.

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