Set the scene –
Sway either this way or that way.
Move giddily within your dreams,
Half asleep –
Jump over your reality.
Hold tightly to the night,
Watch the light shifting away from the room,
Think about nothing –
Because nothing works perfectly.

Fall into the vast ocean of nothingness,
For it’s your daily canvas.
Search for inspiration –
Conjure up a small city
Entirely out of nowhere.
Set dreaming spires,
Historic sites and symbols,
And a bustling populace;
But, as yet –
Give it no name.

Walk through its large gates,
In the dead of night,
With none heralding your arrival.
You are –
But a mere shifting shadow
Reflected from small lamps,
Some flickering, some dying.

Stand alone to see in the dawn,
The rapidly moving light overcoming
The shadows of the night.
In the middle of the market square,
Watch the dead come alive
As sleep leaves for another night,
Not too far away.

Multi-colored costumes,
A plethora of colors, faces, races,
All combined randomly.
Women walk the street, lagging behind men;
The children not too far behind.

Huskers, buskers and shoppers,
Set up their wares,
All hustle together
For their daily bread,
In a sunny mid-afternoon,
Apparently going nowhere.

A red fiery sunset,
Reflected over the still river,
Creates beautiful images of itself.
Strange sweet smells
And echoes of music
Being played not too far away.

Spend the night –
In the arms of a companion.
A touch, A kiss, A loving caress,
Give it all –
But let her be unnamed.
Cling on –
For happiness is to be only found there.

Sleep tightly,
Having spent a moment,
Slowly regress back into deeper dreams,
Search again –
For more in a constantly changing dream.
A new setting –
A new night; the city is now left far behind.
It will soon be forgotten,
Maybe it had a name,
Unknown only to me.
Or maybe –
It was just called Inspiration.

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