Single toll echoes,

Rushing sonic boom,

Auditory tsunami waves,

Engulfing vacuous emptiness.

Second bell echoes,

Fills remaining spaces,

Single voice rises,

Priest calls summons,

Singular uncertain steps,

Move closer to entrance.

Third bell echoes,

Remains in emptiness,

Nowhere else to go,

Shivers the spine,

Surrounding tree leaves,

Rustle in uncertain response.

Fourth bell echoes,

Beckons single earthy clump,

Sand escaping from palms gaps,

Counting remaining time,

Held in bejeweled hands,

Final moments closed,

Memories returned to earth.

Fifth bell echoes,

Earths door opens,

No shining light here,

Lowering into new entrances,

Dark, deep, brown, grey,

Returning earths back to earth.

Sixth bell echoes,

Return is now complete,

Memories only in mind,

Never spoken again,

Uncertain step recede,

Bejeweled hand now unseen,

Earth’s being now in earth.

Last bell echoes,

No sound comes out,

Emptiness surrounds spaces,

Past completes to new journey,

Deaths insignificance noted,

Graveyard bell echoes,

Only tolls in silence,

For silent earth’s being,

Returned to earth in eternity.

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