Holding her within breaths distance,

Hearing gentle murmurs,

Faint rumbling of sleep,

Slight movement of her being,

Musical stirrings of an infinite orchestra,

Night’s train passing through stars.

Fingers search in dark,

Ten travelers looking for an oasis,

Gentle shade, a beautiful spring,

Being guided by nights moon,

Mischievous little stars,

Waiting – watching to meet,

Ten fingered soul mates.

Gentle touch of her hand,

Touches mine, then moves away.

Nights my soul, my friend,

As it’s always been,

Darkness of the night sky,

Speckled like silver dust,

From reflections of a past sun,

Glinting from stars,

Carrying the night along.

Accustomed now – I move,

Holding her together,

The touch of my hand,

On her shoulders, staying there,

Imploring the stars to keep glinting

Never leave the night sky.

Looking through the dark,

Capturing freeze frames of moments,

Momentary flicker of her eyes,

Hidden behind faint eyeliners

And curved, playful lashes.

Imprinted instantly by a complex camera,

Traveling like lightening, light speed,

Stored and catalogued in my brain.

Images that I shall seek again,

Dredge, recall time and time again,

As you turn and move away,

Stealing the comfort of your breath,

Shift slightly to a deeper night’s sleep.

I shall wait again –

For the night to sparkle,

Stars to glint again,

The ten travelers to hold you again,

Waiting for a moment, once

To grab,

The comfort of your breath.

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