She –  An angel hummingbird,
Flying her own path, Patterns unknown, 
Million mile speed-filled wings buzzing,
Drinks her fill, leaves mortal flowers,
Wilted, drained, aching for more,
Happy in the hummingbirds wake,
Arching forward, reaching,
Looking to being drained again. 
She – Mythical unreal being, 
An ephemeral creature of gods love,
Cast among mortals, as one herself. 
Speckles of fairy dust light up,
Eternal universe of golden space beings, 
Golden galaxies light-filled circle around her.
She – Creature of gentle spirits,
Runs with angels floating on air,
Cavorts in clouds made from dreams,
Resting places for gods child,
Being made for love and love only. 
She – A life breather, lips arched, perfection,
Smile that searches for a moment,
As a message wrapped, sealed in glass,
Crossing oceans of meaningless boundaries,
Searching for her bottle catcher, soulmate. 
Open glass wrapped message,
To fill her moment with a smile,
Complete adornments of love. 
She – lights up simple imaginations,
Laughter etches memories in mortal lifetimes,
Rests forever in each minds eye, 
Held in, pleasures savored endlessly,
From forbidden bites of life’s pleasures. 
Then moves like lightening 
Looks for happiness elsewhere,
Drain different nectars of arching flowers. 
She – Mother to her brood,
Lights little joyous hearts,
Caring by her very presence. 
Friend to a friend, lover to a lover,
Healer of pain, singer of mystical songs,
Loving and searching for unknown pleasures. 
She – a presence, touching cold hearts,
Warming them with a single touch, 
An angel flying, draining and wilting flowers, 
An angel mockingbird – around me, felt by me, 
Never held but hiding in hearts. 

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