None ends up a star,

Shines so bright, pure and clear,
As sun’s rays captured,
Released in an unknown code,
Visible to naked beings as
Gentle twinkling of giant stars,
Stationary colossuses of cosmos. 
None leaves this land,
All held by its embrace. 
Life or after-life,
Live on and be eventually,
A part of this oft walked earth. 
Join earth to earth, 
Impregnate the opening fissures,
Long dried ditches and cracks,
With moments ago,
Living mix of chemical and biological magic,
Now rendered inert. 
None becomes the spirit,
Existential beings, minimalist presence,
Physical and emotional rivers flow
Through us and connect around us. 
Release in an instant, 
Write words, songs, sonnets,
Experience all the land beneath,
And within us gives to us. 
To capture essence of flowing rivers,
That end around us, not far. 

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