I am eternity, the universe itself,I jump, warp across time and space,

Define nature itself, 

Cast the flare of the sun. 

I am the depth of night,

The blanket around the stars,

The dead stillness of night. 
I am the sting of a bee

The grey of venom 

Coursing through veins

Hunting their target. 
I am the sound of a gun,

Held in cold dead hands,

Hitting a beating heart, 

Freezing the blood within. 
I am The echo of noise,

 For meaningless words spoken,

From empty echo less mouths. 
I am the soul, 

Of existence within –

But empty without. 
I am a soul without cells,

A being missing,

No presence and boundaries felt. 

I don’t feel the emptiness,

I don’t feel – 

The pain of a bee’s sting,

The redness of cells,

As they first welcome,

Then fight nature itself,

Vainly to stop blood and venom

From joining and becoming one. 
I am a soul without cells,

I don’t feel – 

The sensation from drop of nectar,

Dropping from willing flowers,

Like opening a magical box,

Where color sensations flow in, 

Touch your brain and recede. 
I miss it all, I don’t feel –

For I am but nothing,

An emptiness within and without,

A soul without cells,

A being missing,

Becoming the eternity of universe itself.  


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