Prince of Darkness
Fiery red rubies pierce dark nights,

Shatter the black shroud,

Erupting fireballs deep in hells kingdom,

Netherworld’s aurora borealis ascendant,

Captured in visions pureness,

Seeing all of nights shadows, 

Slithering all around him, 

Vying for lust and pleasure,

A master of nether domains. 

The night’s prince, emerges, 

Encased in shining black armor, 

Tears darkness itself. 
Masterful prince, no horns,

No tails with spears defines,

No fire erupts from his words.

Calmness and death of stillness,

Surround his very being. 

He carries the dead moon faint brilliance 

Stark reminder of past beauty lost. 

Peaceful smile of cut moon,

Hides fires of malice,

In even darker and dead hearts. 
The night shadows slither,

Become beings in ecstasy,

Wrap themselves, tied to pleasure

Like never before, 

Now there’s no going back. 
Steps move in amazing grace,

Perfect fluidity and motion,

The prince rises, is the music itself,

Hells notes and chords stuck 

In perpetual freeze on instruments.

Entombed in crypts hidden away 

Death notes never fly,

Music is the silence itself,

The dance now begins.
Single shadow being now rises,

Pushes, banishes others aside,

Claims destiny of eternal darkness,

Never to be released again.

No day shall pass, time died

Fighting for its companion 

The daily purity of light. 

There’s only the dance of darkness,

Dark love moving together,

Beauty of aurora borealis in nether hell

Never to rise and change again. 
Prince of darkness stands,

Surrounded by night shadow,

Dark love explodes and consumes,

Everything – time itself ceases,

Scale of eternity now a shadow,

Hidden by the emptiness itself. 
Night shadow herself gives in,

Now part of the prince’s darkness. 

No more, no expanse of existence,

No pain of despair, no moment’s passion,

No nether borealis, no fires.

Just the prince of darkness,

Standing on a universe,

Now just a pinpoint emptiness

With nothing left. 

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