Hidden Atlantis

Mythical John Galt

Phoenix risen

Ayn’s utopia

Rising horizons

Cliffs resurrected

Unending expanse

Catalogued images

Mind racing

Meeting Montana.

Wind streaked

Faces ashen

Pebbles fly

Into emptiness

Mental synapses

Connect and grease

Foot clutches

Handlebars chromed

Perfection stilled

Into essence

Lonely roads

Meeting emptiness.

Pebble comets

Rounded treads

Short aerial flights

Continuous crescendo

Road music

Amplified resonance

Human scale

Diminished silence

Instantaneous acceleration

Stilled brain

Responds, silences itself.

Freedom run

Existence grime

Daily runs

Grinding roads

Fading memories.

Rain pearls

Create harmony

Love music

Run carelessly

Hair flying

Make momentary love

Losing rain pearls

Cold morning air.

See nothingness

Consume stillness

Past Lost

Lived momentarily

Like love making

Rain pearls

Washed away.

Chrome bars,

Clutch throttles

Pebble comets

Flying in air

Limitless road

Smoke pipes

Humming incessantly.

Eyes and mind

Racing together

Search and find

Mythical lands

Lost Atlantis

Ayn’s utopia

Galt’s home

Finally, Look

For nothing

But just

Finding Montana.

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