Single voice, faint whisper

Echoing in ear, rumbling,

Unmistakable rhythm of nothingness,

Sense, intuition hair raising flags,

Dead weights dropping,

Changing sense of time,

Universe reshaped,

Warped into non-existence,

Never recovered,

A lost moment of faith.

Chair in a dark windowless room,

Black walls hide the executioner,

Holding hands, making endless love,

Mistress of death his lover.

Walls encircle, mock, berate

Silent voices rise and fall,

Death music notes join heavy footfalls

Ring in the new future,

An irrecoverable universe,

Forever changed, shattered

Holds its last moment of faith.

The man – no longer a man,

A beggar, a pauper, a shell –

Naked in his nothingness,

Opens his eyes, lids heavy

With the mascara of memories,

Peers out to black nothingness.

Eyes covered with cloth,

Tied tightly together with strands

Of a bejeweled past, it’s glitter

Now covered with a soot filled present;

Holding one singular moment of faith.

Unrecognizable, with tattered memories

Life remembered in single second slivers Sound bites of happiness, despair,

Anger, challenges, betrayal.

Stalks corridors of memories,

Peers around curtains and corners,

Gathering clues, snippets of a present lost,

Squints eyes to see the darkness

Behind the sun filled reality,

Finding an elusive moment of faith.

Final moment of faith,

Tested in a singular stroke,

Clock hands reach finality,

Halt, stop their musical cadence.

Stillness of time, dead clock hands

Hold together everything –

Slivers of past, sound bites of present,

Moments of happiness, love, anger

Pass them into a singular nothingness.

Moment of faith tested,

Executioner moves- reaches

Draws the blade, waits;

Hands steadied in their quest

By his lover – the mistress of death.

Blade cuts through,

Universe changes,

Inverts itself into a new real.

The man no longer a being,

Gathers his moment of faith,

Slivers of life, past washed away,

Readies himself, prepares

Starts the clock hands again,

Begins again,

Searches a new universe

A new reality, present

For another moment of faith.

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