Words never spoken, lips never opened,

beautiful silence surrounds,

folds itself tightly, wraps itself in its warmth,

a touch the only constant,

felt only when continents hold us apart.


Scene from a movie – a crazy moment,

a touch of hands,

an accidental caress, gently brought together,

an asylum full of sanity,

a bird escaping its nest,

recalled simultaneously and instantly,

when distances carry us further apart.


Stanza from a song, of freedom

And for being let free.

A band playing in distant memories,

words sung together,

years apart, never known to each other,

never seen by each other.


Messages scrolled in different ages,

time nothing but a changed constant,

written and held in discarded books

on dusty shelves, Never read,

but felt in incomplete impulses

of the collective mind, never closed.


An accidental journey begins,

with no destination in mind.

Two wayfarers move through,

Moments of time, space, age

Light years apart,

Unseeing, blind to each other’s

Common impulses of the common mind.

Of words never spoken, silence held together,

Of songs sung, never together

Of similar words written

And hidden on dusty books.


Destiny’s child – runs, struggles,

Finds a night stopover,

In its endless journey

With no destination.

Drops its weight, rests for a moment,

Finds a common mind,

Sitting right there,

Waiting for the nights end,

For the journey to begin again,

In its search for a common mind.


The common minds meet,

A moment captures a lifetime,

Songs, words and silence

Melt together, fuse themselves

And find a common home,

a home that never was,

But yet – is meant to be,

A resting place for common minds.

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