A short poem written over Thanksgiving for my colleagues and team members at work.


Issues and challenges abound,

Insistent clients demand and surround,

Daily calls and command centers,

War rooms and releases are our norm.

Work never ceases, patches, bugs to fix,

Releases and bundles put together,

With ferocious speed, Our mission to succeed,

Forms us every day and brings us together.

A team weary, commands strength from within,

Passionate builders build and toil.


A moment of peace –

A break, a repast, moments our own,

Await us and welcome us today.

For some – we travel far to join

Our loved ones, to care and nurture,

To bring them back to strength.

For some – we spend a moment,

Together, a feast of thanksgiving,

Group of family and friends,

To hear our stories and give strength.


Soon, we join again –

We build anew and afresh,

A team of passionate ‘founders’,

Us all – we conjure our own pieces,

Join them together,

Bring the vision forward,

Step by step, moment by moment,

Turning away those weary moments

Of doubt, and persist and press on.

Soon – these corners will be behind us,

We – the team, founders each and one of us,

Will find our true north.

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