Sailing atop giant metal wings,

Strapped and welded, an exoskeleton

surrounding mind, body, frame,

Shroud covers the being,

Inside and out; revealing eyes only.


A metal Demi-God, unicorn in armor

Battle ready, leaping and flying,

Swooping in and out, unshackled from

Human existence, a descendent of

giants past, real metal gods themselves.


Metal shines, the dials whirl, click

Turns the wings backwards and forward

in time; a man and machine

Built to defy eternity and time together.

Metal and man, bone and earth

Collide, instantaneous fire erupts,

Drum beat of dragons, fire eating

Rockets scorch everything instantly.


Giants tremble for a moment; shudder

On what’s to come, reluctant movers

Lift the ground beneath, fire spews

From rocket burning frames

Built within, a Demi-God abode.


Man and bone, metal and earth combined

Minerals and silica dredged and fused,

Replacing and changing the human,

To an exoskeleton built Demi God,

Standing alone at the helm.


Move, chose mountains to stand alone,

Change the horizon, bend it to your will,

Shape past, present and future,

Amorphous single shapeless moments,

Roads crossing randomly, color the landscape

Lead everywhere but nowhere.


Giant holds the mountain within,

Willingly bends it to his will,

Inversions of mind,

roads never travelled,

Paths never traversed,

Time, past, present and future,

Held within, unchanging.

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