Muffled sounds at first, gentle rumbling A giant tiptoes through the forest, 

Steps over little saplings,

Halts their imminent jump into life.
The forest grows restless, shudders, 

Hides its belligerent angst, 

Visible only by the swaying leaves, 

Seen by flying angels skimming,

Prancing playfully on treetops. 
Forest sheds it’s cover, 

Reluctantly at first, then submits –

The force roars stronger,

Ripped leaves, branches, trunks,

Death bed of a live being, 

Ripped from a nurturing mother,

Unstoppable swirling tornado rolling onwards.
Cloud storm passes through, 

Forest a flatland, destructive wasteland, 

Rancid mix of a nurturing earth, consuming life

Long gone into earth, returning 

Only itself back,

Earth to earth, dust to dust.
The earth groans, 

Heaves inside, tries to consume, 

Death of life inside itself, 

Soil, dust, seeds, 

Rancid wasteland slowly dipping in,

Submerging into the ground, 

Slowly, first, then disappearing all.
Life rebuilds – a potent cocktail,

Building deep into the ground, 

Wraps itself around the storm seeds,

Death of beings, spirits of broken tree,

Nurturing a new tree to life,

Push the see upward, onwards.
Fed, nurtured, from within

Earth bound celestial beings, 

Seed cracks open – 

Pushes itself out in the open, 

Grasps the first light rays,

Exposes a little leaf,

Brings new life to death.
Seed storm of death,

Now a distant memory, 

Cycle of destruction, death,

Now completed in a new life.  

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