The uncommon moment,

A morsel crafted – exquisite,

Simple mixes, squeezed magical potions,

Spices, flung into embers,

Crackling, bursting into life.

Breath new life into movements,

Held, savored and touched,

Sprinkled into lips,

Eagerly waiting to be loved,

Mere uncommon morsels.

Life detoured – a little meander,

Houdini, crafting his masterpiece,

An escape – for humdrum seeds,

Turned into an elegant orchestra,

Kneaded, squeezed together,

Singing harmonious like never before.

Flickering of a light,

Captures the missive glance,

The creator –

Of the uncommon from the common,

A conjurer full of mystery,

Releasing little secrets,

Every creation, every day.

Light flame, Reaches out

Casts it’s resplendent shadow,

A feast – of friends,

And old memories, now bittersweet,

Laughter, gasped with lowing hands,

Held together forever.

Memories of uncommon feasts,

Brought together in uncommon moments,

Laughter, tears and joy,

The Houdini’s lasting memory,

A conjurer’ s gastronomic trick,

Perhaps not the only one,

Perhaps not the last one,

Living in senses, always and forever.

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