Distant horizon, the eyes endWhere land met its beginning,

Leaps out, dancing sky gods, 

Stop back, demons in lustrous

Sashes of brown, orange, yellow

With slit like eyes, tinged blue

Pierce back without remorse. 
Ring of fire, flames spike out,

Orange – red, smother the blue sky,

Make it their own, 

Earth, the land beneath, rumbles

Struggles to reach out,

Mere watcher in a celestial death dance,

Nature’s constant play,

About to end and begin again. 
Ensconced safely, 

In the belly of flying demons, 

With hundreds of slit eyes,

Little portals of wonder,

Show a dance, a lover maker’s

Natural, glorious motion, 

Ring of fire, an evening’s last gasp,

Before its blissful death,

Into the empty blackness of night. 
Somewhere beyond the endless fire,

Past leaping flames, 

Beyond imagination of a world

Consumed through boxed slits

Windows from a flying demons eye,

Far after the evenings dance,

Ends yet again, only if a moment. 
Empty blackness, holds,

Rests a single light,

A star, beacon, twinkle 

Shining solitary in its hope. 

The eyes, peer through the darkness,

Search restlessly to reach and touch,

Bask in the silvery light warmth,

Weary – from constant despair, 

Yearn to be held, love and be loved, 

Finally fold and enclose,

Themselves in the gentle beacon, 

Find love, solitary and waiting

Past the ring of fire. 

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